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Live below the line day 1: that CAN do attitude

Inequality and deprivation are some of the most important problems in the world today. They limit access to health care, create a whole range of specific health care problems and can even limit the lifespan of people living a civilised, developed city as London. As Sir Michael Marmot famously pointed out: from Westminster to Canning Town, separated by just 8 stops on the Jubilee line, the average life expectancy drops by 6 years.

To demonstrate the problem in a more concrete way, I’m participating in Live Below the Line this week. I’m living of £1 a day, the UK equivalent of the extreme poverty, something which 1.4 billion people on this planet have to every day. Also, to try and make the world a tiny bit better, I’m trying to raise money for Positive Women, a charity set up to empower women and children in Swaziland. You can support them via my sponsor page.

And now for my discoveries on my first day of living on £1: you really need that can do attitude. And I mean that quite literally: all I could afford for my £1 were cans.

Cans. And instant noodles (£0.11!!)

Fresh vegetables and fruit are definitely off the table for the week. As is meat, but as a vegan I’m pretty much okay with that. I’ve tried to bulk buy stuff for the whole week, and have managed to keep spendings within budget so far. I shall see how I fare the rest of the week.

Live below the line day 1: bulk buying

I’ll try and blog about problems I run into this week, and introduce an occasional begging slot to make my goal of raising £100 for Positive Women (Please donate! Even if it’s just £1!). See you on the other side!


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